19 AISD Students Shine at Regional VASE, Advance to State

19 AISD Students Shine at Regional VASE, Advance to State
Posted on 04/13/2017

The Texas Art Education Association event known as VASE recognizes exemplary student achievement in art.


The Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) provides students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.

Students from Aldine ISD high schools and ninth grade centers took part. They entered 507 student artworks in the Regional Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). Klein Collins High School hosted the Region 4N VASE this spring.

Nearly 1,700 pieces of art from across Region 4N competed. Judges adjudicated students not only on their artwork but also their ability to talk about their pieces. The interview part accounted for one-third of the total score while the artwork counted as two-thirds of the final score.

According to Dr. Michaelann Kelley, 98 percent of AISD artworks received a “Superior” rating of 4 or “Excellent” a rating of 3. Kelley is program director of fine arts.

Twenty AISD artworks from 19 students qualified to compete at the State VASE.

The state competition set for April 28-29 in San Antonio. Aldine-ISD-Nimitz-HS-Regional-VASE-State-Qualifier-Lisbeth-Najera-2.

Aldine ISD Students Headed to State VASE

Carver HS

Student: Herson Martínez
Artwork: Rapture
Teacher: Matthew Kirkpatrick

Student: Jasmine Menchaca
Artwork: Disquietude
Teacher: Zach Walters

Student: Kristin Wilson
Artwork: Golden Memories
Teacher: Matthew Kirkpatrick

Davis Ninth Grade School

Student: Kenya M. Barahona
Artwork: Dog’s Life
Teacher: Chris Peel

Eisenhower HS

Student: Adrián Alfaro
Artwork: Creativity Illuminated
Teacher: Mark Francis

Student: Magan Valles
Artwork: Doppleganger
Teacher: Jaclyn McClure

MacArthur Ninth Grade School Herson-Martinez-Rapture-Carver-HS-State-VASE-Qualifier-1.jpg

Student: Arianna Barcenas
Artwork: Dream Wolf
Teacher: Claire Webb

Student: Fernando Carreón
Artwork: Remember the Alamo
Teacher: Claire Webb

Student: Estefani Cartajena
Artwork: Sunset Blues
Teacher: Claire Webb

Student: Marjorie de León
Artwork: Colorless Desires
Teacher: Claire Webb

MacArthur HS Jasmine-Menchaca-Disquietude-Carver-HS-State-VASE-Qualifier-

Student: Nia Kyles
Artwork: Jada
Teacher: Vino Underwood

Student: Kevin Macías
Artwork: Self-portrait
Teacher: Amber Quiroz

Nimitz HS

Student: Mayerlin Lozano Juana-Medrano-Nimitz-State-VASE-Qualifier-
Artwork: To Build a Home
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Adia Martínez 
Artwork: Pay Attention
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Juana Medrano
Artwork: Oblivion
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: Lizbeth Najera (2)
Artwork: Colors of Me
Artwork: Thornless Rose
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: DeAnthony Taylor
Artwork: Downtown Aesthetic
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Student: María Zavala
Artwork: Citizenship
Teacher: Leslie Rowney

Victory Early College HS

Student: Lisette Obregón
Artwork: Two Smart Two Handle
Teacher: Jasleen Sarai