The contest recognizes the artistic achievements of students in Northwest Houston.

“Abstract Me” by Lidia Rincón

The Volunteer Guild of the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts recently named the winners of the annual Student Art Contest and Juried Exhibition.

Lidia Rincón from Stephens Elementary School and Priscilla Trejo from Jones Elementary School won first and second place, respectively in their division. Aylin Herrera from Gray Elementary School and Adolfo Valdez from Oleson Elementary School each brought home the Jurors’ Selection prizes in their division.

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts will award prizes to the winners at a ceremony set for 4 p.m. on May 6 at The Forum (located at the Cypress Creek Christian Church auditorium/sanctuary), which is adjacent to the Museum. 

Prior to the Awards Ceremony, all winning student works will be exhibited in the Art Gallery at Lone Star College-Tomball (10555 Tomball Parkway, Tomball). The gallery is on the first floor of the East Hall building. 

Aldine ISD Winners


“African Ladies” by Priscilla Trejo

Elementary School Division

1st Place: Lidia Rincón
Artwork Title: Abstract Me
Medium: Oil Pastel
Grade: 2nd
Campus: Stephens Elementary School
Teacher: Peter George

Artist Statement (unedited): I used oil pastels to make an abstract portrait. I like using lots of colors and playing with shapes.

2nd Place: Priscilla Trejo
Artwork Title: African Ladies
Medium: Oil Pastel
Grade: 4th
Campus: Jones Elementary School
Teacher: Erica Davis

Artist Statement (unedited): I created African line art. The elements of art I used are lines and contrast colors. The artwork make me feel happy. I like drawing line art and using oil pastels because it is fun and I like to blend. I do not like oil pastels because they are messy.

Jurors’ Selection: Aylin Herrera
Artwork Title: Special Flower
Medium: Mixed Media
Grade: 4th


“Special Flower” by Aylin Herrera

Campus: Gray Elementary School
Teacher: Wauna Johnson

Artist Statement (unedited): I made this art to make me happy. I like it mostly because it has lots of color and reminds me of myself. I think I am special too! I used mixed media and acrylic paint, saran wrap, and shaving cream with food coloring. I think it came out great!

Jurors’ Selection: Adolfo Valdez
Artwork Title: Snake Attack
Medium: Crayon
Grade: 4th
Campus: Oleson Elementary School
Teacher: Christina Espinoza

Artist Statement (unedited): My mola is about a snake on an island for several days and he is very hungry. He is surrounded by water full of fish but the snake does not like fish and one day the snake was climbing a tree and saw a beautiful bird with lots of colors so he jumped up and tried to kill him. I call my piece “snake attack” and I used pencil and color sticks.

The Student Art Contest is held each spring and continues to be one of the most anticipated annual events at the Pearl. The contest recognizes the artistic achievements of students in Northwest Houston and fosters their continued access to art education opportunities. The contest receives an average of 300 entries each year, out of which less than 30 student artists are recognized.

Judging Criteria


“Snake Attack” by Adolfo Valdez

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Technique[/li] [li]Personal expression [/li][/ul]

[ul class=”list list-search”] [li]Organization & integration[/li] [li]Accepted media included drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed media, including collage. [/li][/ul]

For more information, visit the Pearl Fincher website.


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