Schools throughout the country are devoting October to raising awareness about bullying prevention.

An Odom Elementary School student shows off her artwork during a recent anti-bullying rally. Aldine ISD schools are hosting various anti-bullying activities this month, including observing Unity Day on Oct. 23.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The action is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

District leaders believe that bullying, hazing, harassment, and intimidation significantly reduce a student’s ability to achieve. They believe that all students have the right to a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment. That is why the district is committed to providing resources and education about the dangers of bullying.

Bullying behavior is experienced through a variety of methods such as verbal, social, physical, and cyberbullying (e.g., text messaging, social media). One way students can help prevent bullying is by reporting it.

According to Twiana Collier, a lot of students don’t report bullying because they may think someone has already noticed, or they fear they will be stigmatized for reporting the problem. Collier advises students to reach out to campus principals, assistant superintendents, teachers, coaches, and campus counselors. Collier is the director of guidance, counseling, and student support services.

“We want students to know that we are providing them a safe place where they can talk about things that are happening at school and outside of the school,” Collier said. “Students need to know that they’re being heard and that there’s going to be a response to this.”

Reporting Bullying

The district investigates all reports of bullying. Students, parents/legal guardians, or witnesses should immediately report such incidents to the school principal or assistant principal. Individuals can also submit reports of bullying to the assistant superintendent who oversees the campus. When an incident occurs, the following steps are taken to address the matter:

  • A report is generated that outlines the incident and the parties involved.
  • The designated site administrator conducts a thorough investigation.
  • Parents of both the victim and perpetrator are notified of the incident.
  • Disciplinary action, if necessary, is taken and enforced by the site administrator.
  • The victim and the perpetrator will be provided counseling if needed.

Students can also contact Crime Stoppers, (713) 222-TIPS or (713) 222-8477, to anonymously report bullying, abuse, bomb threats, cyber crimes, discrimination, drugs, health concerns, suspicious behavior, vandalism, fighting, and weapons. Additionally, individuals can contact the Aldine ISD Police Department (281) 442-4923.

District’s Bullying Prevention Effort

Learn about the district’s efforts to prevent bullying by teaching every student how to be an ‘ally.’ View Board policies such as Freedom From Bullying by visiting

With families, students, community, and staff members working together, Aldine ISD will maintain school environments that are safe and conducive for learning.

Speak Up!

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