Toro, the Texans mascot, visited students at Odom Elementary School on October 3.  His message was simple — be kind to each other.

Odom Elementary and the Texans joined forces to help raise awareness of what bullying and cyberbullying entail and encouraged students to take a stand against it.

The Texans’ interactive education and outreach program teaches children how to prevent and stop bullying behavior.

The air in the room was electric with excitement and interest as Toro and his counterpart, Ryan, led students in proactive ways to recognize different types of bullying — name-calling, hands-on bullying (physically hurting someone), non-inclusion, and hurting someone online.

Students learned about the different roles that people play with bullies and bully behaviors. Later, students practiced taking the “BULLY” out of bullying through personal action.

The five letters in “Bully” had five companion calls to action:

  • B = Be Confident
  • U = Use Your Voice
  • L = Leave
  • L = Look Out For Others
  • Y = “Y” Would You Bully?

“We want our students to learn to respect and accept each other,” St. Julian said. “We want all our students to feel safe. That means ensuring they are aware of what bullying is and how to take a stand against it. This program is just one of the ways we work to develop strong, confident students.”

In appreciation for taking part and listening to his message, Toro gave every student present an autograph.