Kujawa Elementary Principal Kimberly Jenkins and Jones Middle School art teacher have been honored by the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA).

Jenkins was named TAEA’s Principal of the Year, while Kersh was named the group’s Middle School Teacher of the Year.

According to TAEA, Jenkins and Kersh were chosen for their respective awards for their continued efforts and significant achievements in promoting art education at their respective campuses.

“Your peers have noted your hard work, dedication and advocacy,” said Shaun Lanes, TAEA’s Awards Chair.

Jenkins and Kersh both said they were honored to be named award winners in their respective categories.

“Winning this award confirms my commitment to student learning and the importance of the arts and the role it plays in student success,” Jenkins said. “My staff has always been supportive of the arts by integrating it through the curriculum. I have always been an advocate for the visual arts in schools and I have personally observed how the arts fosters creative and critical thinking skills.”

Kujawa Elementary Principal Kimberly Jenkins has been honored by TAEA.


“Teaching is important to me because I get the amazing opportunity to inspire and engage students,” Kersh said. “This award is very special to me because of who it is coming from. To be honored by TAEA is incredible! My peers thought my work worthy of this award and just being nominated was a huge accomplishment for me.”

Jones Middle School art teacher Sarah Kersh has been honored by TAEA.


Jenkins and Kersh will receive their awards on Friday, Nov. 15 during TAEA’s annual state conference, which will be held at Moody Gardens in Galveston.