Accounts Payable Department

The goal of our site is to provide you with the necessary information to assure accurate and prompt payments. Please visit our site as often as you like where you may find answers to many of your questions. In addition, our Accounts Payable professional team is here to assist you. We welcome your suggestions as we continue to update our site, which we hope will become a resource for your Accounts Payable needs.

Mon.-Fri.: 8:00-4:30

Mon.-Thurs.: 7:00-5:30
Friday: Office Closed

Minerva P. Alba, CTSBO
Minerva P. Alba, CTSBOAccounts Payable Supervisor
Phone: 281.985.7267
Fax: 281.985.6300
San Juana (Janie) Morales
San Juana (Janie) MoralesAccounts Payable Clerk
Vendors A & C
Phone: 281.985.6249
Ramona Garcia
Ramona GarciaAccounts Payable Clerk
Vendors D-H
Phone: 281.985.6251
Bianca Perez
Bianca PerezAccounts Payable Clerk
Vendors I-N
Phone: 281.985.6225
Marisa Sanchez
Marisa SanchezAccounts Payable Clerk
Vendors O-S
Phone: 281.985.7336
Alias Garcia
Alias GarciaAccounts Payable Clerk
Vendors T-Z
Phone: 281.985.7847
Rita Rivera-Rodriguez
Rita Rivera-RodriguezAccounts Payable Clerk
Vendors A-Z (Title)
Phone: 281.985.6248
Estrellita (Star) Zaragoza
Estrellita (Star) ZaragozaAccts. Payable Specialist
Vendors beginning A-L (Grants)
(AP email box & Office Depot)
Phone: 281.985.7272
San Juanita Rodriguez
San Juanita RodriguezAccts. Payable Lead
Vendors B & M-Z (Grants)
(Game Workers)
Phone: 281.985.6247

Our Mission

The Aldine ISD Accounts Payable Department is often “silent” in the operations of the District.

Accounts Payable is the unit of the Finance Department responsible for processing payments for goods, services, and other non-salary expenses incurred by the Aldine Independent School District. The mission of the Accounts Payable Department is to provide payment services to Aldine ISD and the Vendor Community while controlling all disbursements made from District funds. This includes insuring that all disbursements are accurate, processed in a timely manner, and made in compliance with established policies and procedures. In addition, disbursements must meet the rules and regulations of governmental agencies-federal, state, and local.

The Accounts Payable Department works as a team to process invoices into the system ensuring the invoices are paid in a timely manner and as smooth as possible. We envision this task to be accomplished in an atmosphere of cooperation and friendliness within and outside of Accounts Payable, always maintaining a professional and dignified image. We strive to be recognized as an efficient, responsible and a friendly team that is valued by all.

We are here to serve Aldine employees, vendors, stakeholders and above all students.

Our Vision

Our primary mission is to provide professional, courtesy and efficiency service to the departments, campuses and stakeholders, also maintaining high standards of quality to facilitate the district’s goals and objectives. The goal of Accounts Payable is to provide timely and accurate expenditure of district funds and to record those transactions in a manner consistent with district guidelines and the State and Federal financial regulations.

Our Belief Statements

In delivering and providing Accounts Payable services to the Aldine District and the community, we will:

  • Adhere to the needs of our employees, vendors, treating all with respect and dignity.
  • Be honest, open and fair in all internal and external business.
  • Be supportive of District teamwork efforts toward common goals with innovation and dedication.
  • Perform services in high ethical standard and moral values in accordance with District guidelines.
  • Encourage individuals to embrace change and to enhance their personal and professional growth.
  • Provide employees the opportunity to attend training/workshops to improve skills.
  • Work together to accomplish and deliver prompt, accurate services.
  • Recognize staff’s potential for excellence based on their strengths.

We will:

  • Answer telephone calls promptly, listen and understand the nature of calls before transferring.
  • Ensure accurate and in a timely manner the processing of invoices.
  • Communicate, as it’s highly important to our department.
  • Treat all vendors, employees, stakeholder with courtesy and respect.
  • Continue to strive for excellent customer service.
  • Regularly review our vendors’ needs and level of satisfaction with our services, survey and use that feedback to improve our customer service.
  • Provide a professional relationship with the district, community on all accounts payable business.

Account Payable Overview Process

  • All invoices are to be received into this department, date stamped then given to the appropriate clerk.
  • Invoices are matched to purchase orders, verified that amounts match and that merchandise is received in the system, then entered for payment.
  • Completed approved documents that need a check processed must be in the Accounts Payable Dept. (to the appropriate clerk) by Friday, a week prior to the check run.
  • Checks are printed every Thursday and are ready for distribution the following Monday. With the exception of Holidays, information will be available on our website calendar.
  • Approximately 400-800 checks are printed per week totaling $800,000-$5,000,000.

All invoices should be mailed or emailed to the:
Attn: Accounts Payable Dept.
Aldine I.S.D 
M.B. “Sonny” Donaldson Administration Building
2520 W.W. Thorne Drive
Houston, Texas 77073


[email protected]

  • Every Friday is our approved document deadline for the next week scheduled check run.
  • Every Thursday checks are scheduled to print and then they are verified.
  • Every Monday checks will mailed out thru USPS, with the exception of a Holiday which then the checks will be mailed the Friday prior to the Holiday.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the Accounts Payable Team.