Federal, State, and Special Programs Department

The Federal, State & Special Program (FSSP) Department is part of the Finance Department in Aldine ISD and supervises federal, state & local grants for compliance while providing support to all campuses and departments on all special revenue matters.

Provide leadership, guidance & direction for special revenue funds.

Provide exemplary service in the areas of budgeting, compliance and sound financial procedures for special revenue programs.

Grant Funds:
All grant funds (and their programs) secured in the Federal, State & Special Programs Department is supplementary funding allocated to qualifying campuses/departments in an effort to improve and enhance the regular education program. These funded programs enable individual campuses and/or departments an opportunity to provide a wide range of specific program activities for Aldine students.

Grant Administration:
The Federal, State, and Special Programs (FSSP) department is responsible for sending out grant alerts, applying for and setting up grants and their budgets according to the grant award or Notice of Grant Award (NOGA).

Our department works collaboratively with district personnel (principal, coordinators, teachers & bookkeepers) to ensure all awarded grants are deployed per the NOGA.

The FSSP Dept. is also responsible for the maintenance of all grant-related accounting records, and will complete all monthly, quarterly/final and any other financial reports.

The principal/district administrator ensures the campus/department program administration of the grant is completed. They also monitor approved grant program activities as well as expenditures from the grant fund. The FSSP supports and works closely with grant recipients and also monitors activities and expenditures to ensure they are acceptable to the granting agency and that they are not in conflict with federal/state law or district guidelines.

Grant Policies:
Each grant has specific provisions & assurances. Any questions about federal/state law should be directed to the Director of Federal & State Programs, Director of Special Initiatives, and Directors of Special Programs.

Grant Programmatic Reporting:
Most awarded grants require that reporting is submitted. These reports are submitted as required mid-year & end of program year. The principal/district administrator or her/his designee will submit any programmatic reports. Any questions about programmatic reports should be directed to the funding agency.

A copy of all programmatic reports must also be submitted to the FSSP director overseeing the specific program/grant. Below is a list of current grant assignments.

Leadership Staff

Perla Davila
Director of Federal & State Programs
Stephen F. Austin State University – M.Ed.
University of Houston – B.M.E.
MacArthur High School Graduate
[email protected]

Dr. Craig Mullenix
Director of Consolidated Programs
University of Houston- Ed.D.- C & I (Mathematics)
University of Houston- M. Ed.-Second Language Ed.
University of St. Thomas- B.A.- Psychology
[email protected]

Stacey Smith
Director of Special Programs
Stephen F. Austin State University – M.Ed.
University of North Texas – B.M.E.
[email protected]

Bookkeeper Staff

Rosemary Cadena
Houston Technical Institute
r[email protected]

Sarah Cisneros
Attending LoneStar College
[email protected]


Dargely “Lizette” Garza
Lone Star College- Associates of Art 
[email protected]

Sylvia Hamm
NHM Community College
MacArthur High School Graduate
[email protected]

Gloria Lumbreras Oliva 
MacArthur High School Graduate
[email protected]



Regina McGrough
G. W. Carver High School Graduate
[email protected]

Jo Watson
Houston Community College
[email protected]