Substitute Information

Substitute Pay Rates

The Substitute Pay Rate schedule informs substitutes of their pay rate increase when subbing in a long term position.

Please be familiar with the pay rates when subbing for a Paraprofessional or a Sac position.

Contact the Sub Office if you have any questions or your pay rate is incorrect. (281) 985-7100

Good Practice

  1. Monitor and record your days worked and location,if not using Aesop.
  2. Using Aesop will record all of the days worked.
  3. Communicate with the campuses regarding any discrepancies.


If you are not in Aesop your time will not come across to Payroll for payment.

Campus Timekeepers

If any Aesop entries are done after the deadline, please notify Gloria Lumbreras Oliva by email within 10 business days before the next pay cycle.