Teacher Retirement Services

Teacher Retirement Services (TRS)

Aldine ISD reports service according to the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the services, retirement, and/or buy back, please contact TRS directly.

Texas Public School employees that are employed in a TRS eligible position must contribute into the TRS system. The current deductions is 8.35 percent of TRS eligible wages. The deduction consist of a 7.7 % pre-tax and a .65 % after tax for TRS care program.

If you are planning to retire under the TRS system, you should notify TRS for a retirement packet and communicate with Human Resources regarding your retirement date, as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Teacher Retirement System of Texas
1000 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78701-2698

TRS Forms

TRS website is available for additional information:

NOTE: Upon retirement, please make an appointment with Ms. Keena Sims-Bradley, in the Benefits Department. Contact number is 281.985.6226.

​Your Responsibilities as a TRS Member

Keep your mailing address current
To received your annual statement of account, newsletters, election ballots, information brochures, and other important communications, please inform TRS of any address change form_358f.pdf.

Notify TRS of name changes
TRS requires notification in writing when you change your name. The written notice must contain both your Social Security number and your signature. You must also include a copy of a court order or marriage license that authorizes your name change. There is no TRS form for submitting a name change. If you are working for a TRS covered employer when your name changes, you must officially change your name in your employer’s records to ensure that your employer’s records and TRS records match.

Keep beneficiary designation current
TRS mails a Designation Beneficiary form to you after your membership begins. You should complete and return the form to TRS immediately. A completed form instructs TRS on how to distribute valuable active member death benefits, so keeping your beneficiary designation current is important. You should review your beneficiary designation when significant life events occur such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, death of a spouse or designated beneficiary, or if the beneficiary becomes eligible for Medicaid or other “needs-based” assistance programs. A divorce does not automatically revoke your former spouse as beneficiary. Please see the topic “Beneficiary Designation by Members” in the TRS Benefits handbook.pdf or visit the TRS website.