Records Management

Records Management and Control Schedules

Records management is a very important function of the school district. Records can be permanent, stored for a defined length of time, and/or destroyed. Records control schedules, which provide retention and disposition guidelines, are approved by the Texas State Library.

Each location should have one person designated to be responsible for the retention and disposition of records.

Records control schedules are listed below. School schedules appear first. Department schedules follow in alphabetical order.

Once the schedule is open, click on “View” and then “Rotate View.” This will allow you to easily read the schedules on your computer screen.

This presentation is a condensed version of the 2011-12 records management training sessions.

Records Management Program with Harris County Dept. of Ed.

Due to the volume of records created, Aldine ISD has contracted with the HCDE Records Management Cooperative to assist with the district’s records management program. HCDE stores, destroys and creates electronic copies of records.

  • To have records transferred to storage, complete:
    Client Order & Records Center Transfer Forms (found below)
  • To have records destroyed, complete:
    Client Order Form & Records Destruction Certificate (found below)
  • To have a stored file scanned and emailed to you, complete the Client Order Form and email it to:
    [email protected]
  • To have a box returned from storage, complete the Client Order Form and email it to:
    [email protected]
  • HCDE Forms – Complete (Write detailed descriptions of records on the HCDE forms.) and email to
    [email protected]