Risk Management Department

Vision: To be a World Class Risk Management Department by Planning and Working to Protect the District’s Assets Everywhere, Every day.

Misson: We exist to support Aldine ISD’s vision and mission by assisting with the protection of the district’s employees, property, financial assets and records.  Moreover, we promote safe, accident-free, work and learning environments. The Risk Management department strives to offer exceptional operations and service in the support of high academic achievement for all students, the needs of our employees, the needs of the community and the continual improvement of the district’s high level of performance. The Risk Management department is passionately driven to be “All in” for “All Students”, at all times.

Approved Organization Letters

Organizations who do not engage in business with Aldine ISD and who are interested in leaving printed materials at district locations must obtain prior approval from the risk management department:

[email protected]

The types of organizations that are permitted to leave printed materials are generally limited to education related products & entities, tutors, after-school care programs, sports registrations and retirement financial advisors. The organizations offer a product or service directly to parents/students or staff members.

Approved organization letters are issued once printed materials have been determined to be acceptable. The letter:

  • authorizes distribution of printed materials to district locations
  • prohibits representatives from addressing students or staff on district property
  • prohibits representatives from “setting-up” anywhere on district property
  • clarifies that employee mailboxes and bulletin boards are for official AISD related business
  • does not endorse the product or service
  • expires annually
  • should be presented at each district location

Note of clarification: Vendors interested in conducting business with Aldine ISD should be directed to the Purchasing Department.

Buildings and Contents

The Property Loss Report is to be completed upon discovery of losses that may exceed $100,000. The report will be used to make initial claims with the district’s property insurance companies. The report may be supplemented with pictures, videos and other records related to the loss.

Schools and departments are responsible for preparing the appropriate work orders and/or requisitions for repair or replacement.

Procedures for Submission of Public Information Requests to Aldine ISD

  1. Written requests for information are to be submitted to the Public Information Officer:
    • By mail: 2520 W.W. Thorne Dr., Houston, Texas 77073
    • By email: [email protected]
    • By fax: 281.985.6321
    • In person at: 2520 W.W. Thorne Blvd., Houston, Texas 77073
  2. Written requests for information must contain:
    • The Requestor’s contact information
    • Clear descriptions of the types of information sought
  3. The Office of the Attorney General establishes costs for various components of materials and labor associated with the governmental entity’s response to requests for public information. Invoices will be issued to the requestor as allowable under the Public Information Act.
  4. All government information is presumed to be available to the public. Certain exceptions apply. Public information will be segregated from information that may be withheld. Upon receipt of payment, the public information requested will be released as outlined in the Public Information Act.

Provided by the Attorney General of Texas

The Act
The Texas Public Information Act (the “Public Information Act” or the “Act”) gives the public the right to request access to government information. Below is a description of the basic procedures, rights and responsibilities under the Act.

Making a Request
The Act is triggered when a person submits a written request to a governmental body. The request must ask for records or information already in existence. The Act does not require a governmental body to create new information, to do legal research, or to answer questions. In preparing a request, a person may want to ask the governmental body what information is available.

Charges to the Requestor
A person may ask to view the information, get copies of the information, or both. If a request is for copies of information, the governmental body may charge for the copies. If a request is only for an opportunity to inspect information, then usually the governmental body may not impose a charge on the requestor. However, under certain limited circumstances a governmental body may impose a charge for access to information. All charges imposed by a governmental body for copies or for access to information must comply with the rules prescribed by the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), unless another statute authorizes an agency to set its own charges.

Exceptions to the Act
Although the Act makes most government information available to the public, some exceptions exist. If an exception might apply and the governmental body wishes to withhold the information, the governmental body generally must, within ten business days of receiving the open records request, refer the matter to the OAG for a ruling on whether an exception applies. If the OAG rules that an exception applies, the governmental body will not release the information. If a governmental body improperly fails to release information, the Act authorizes the requestor or the OAG to file a civil lawsuit to compel the governmental body to release the information.

Questions or Complaints
To reach the OAG’s Open Government Hotline, call toll free (877) 673-6839 (877-OPEN TEX). Hotline staff can answer questions about the proper procedures for using and complying with the Act and can assist both governmental bodies and people requesting information from a governmental body. Hotline staff also review written complaints about alleged violations of the Act. If a complaint relates to charges, contact the OAG cost rules administrator toll free at (888) 672-6787 (888-ORCOSTS) or forward a written complaint. Certain violations of the Act may involve possible criminal penalties. Those violations must be reported to the county attorney or criminal district attorney.

Federal Agencies
The Act does not apply to the federal government or to any of its departments or agencies. If you are seeking information from the federal government, the appropriate law is the federal Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). That law’s rules and procedures are different from those of the Public Information Act.

Rights of Requestors
All people who request public information have the right to:

  • Receive treatment equal to all other requestors
  • Receive a statement of estimated charges in advance
  • Choose whether to inspect the requested information, receive a copy of the information, or both
  • Be notified when the governmental body asks the OAG for a ruling on whether the information may or must be withheld
  • Be copied on the governmental body’s written comments to the OAG stating the reason why the stated exceptions apply
  • Lodge a complaint with the OAG cost rules administrator regarding any improper charges for responding to a public information request
  • Lodge a complaint with the OAG Hotline or the county attorney or criminal district attorney, as appropriate, regarding any alleged violation of the Act

Responsibilities of Requestors
All people who request public information have the responsibility to:

  • Submit a written request according to a governmental body’s reasonable procedures
  • Include enough description and detail of the requested information so that the governmental body can accurately identify and locate the requested items
  • Cooperate with the governmental body’s reasonable requests to clarify the type or amount of information requested
  • Respond promptly in writing to all written communications from the governmental body (including any written estimate of charges)
  • Make a timely payment for all valid charges
  • Keep all appointments for inspection of records or for pick-up of copies

Rights of Governmental Bodies
All governmental bodies responding to information requests have the right to:

  • Establish reasonable procedures for inspecting or copying information
  • Request and receive clarification of vague or overly broad requests
  • Request an OAG ruling regarding whether any information may or must be withheld
  • Receive timely payment for all copy charges or other charges
  • Obtain payment of overdue balances exceeding $100 or obtain a security deposit before processing additional requests from the same requestor
  • Request a bond, prepayment or deposit if estimated costs exceed $100 (or, if the governmental body has fewer than 16 employees, $50)

Responsibilities of Governmental Bodies
All governmental bodies responding to information requests have the responsibility to:

  • Treat all requestors equally
  • Go through open records training as required by law
  • Be informed of open records laws and educate employees on the requirements of those laws
  • Inform the requestor of cost estimates and any changes in the estimates
  • Confirm that the requestor agrees to pay the costs before incurring the costs
  • Provide requested information promptly
  • Inform the requestor if the information will not be provided within ten business days and give an estimated date on which it will be provided
  • Cooperate with the requestor to schedule reasonable times for inspecting or copying information
  • Follow attorney general regulations on charges; do not overcharge on any items; do not bill for items that must be provided without charge
  • Inform third parties if their proprietary information is being requested from the governmental body
  • Inform the requestor when the OAG has been asked to rule on whether information may or must be withheld
  • Copy the requestor on written comments submitted to the OAG stating the reason why the stated exceptions apply
  • Comply with any OAG ruling on whether an exception applies or file suit against the OAG within 30 days
  • Respond in writing to all written communications from the OAG regarding complaints about violations of the Act
Records Management is an important function of the school district. “Records management” means the application of management techniques to the creation, use, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposal of records for the purposes of reducing the costs and improving the efficiency of record keeping.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) establishes mandatory retention periods for local government records.  Records retention schedules list the records maintained by the district, their retention periods, and other records disposition information.

“Local government record” means any document, paper, letter, book, map, photograph, sound or video recording, microfilm, magnetic tape, electronic medium, or other information-recording medium, regardless of physical form or characteristic and regardless of whether public access to it is open or restricted under the laws of the state, created or received by a district or any of its officers or employees, pursuant to law or in the transaction of public business.

All local government records shall be considered District property and any unauthorized destruction or removal shall be prohibited. 

Although records management is a responsibility for all District employees, each location should have one person designated to oversee its processes.

Click here to access the Records Retention Schedules.

Click here for a written summary on Records Management Information.

Records Management Program with Harris County Dept. of Ed.

Due to the volume of records created, Aldine ISD has contracted with the HCDE Records Management Cooperative to assist with the district’s records management program. HCDE stores, destroys and creates electronic copies of records.

To have records transferred to storage, complete:
1) Client Order & 2) Records Center Transfer Forms (found below)

To have records destroyed; complete:
1) Client Order Form & 2) Records Destruction Certificate (found below)

To have a stored file scanned and emailed to you, complete the Client Order Form. Email to:
[email protected]

To have a box returned from storage, complete the Client Order Form. Email to:
[email protected]

HCDE Forms– Complete and email to [email protected]

Complete titles and the school/fiscal year of the records are to be written on the HCDE forms. Click on the name of each form needed:

Client Order/Service Form (accompanies Transfer Form &/or Destruction Cert.)

Transfer Form (Principal/Dept. Head must sign!)

Destruction Certificate (Principal/Dept. Head must sign!)

AIG Educational Markets/ National Union Fire Insurance Company

Every effort is made to educate children in a safe learning environment. Nonetheless, each year there are a few students who have accidents that require medical attention. Please recall that, with the exception of when an employee has negligently operated or used a motor vehicle, Aldine ISD cannot assume financial responsibility for injuries suffered by students. Therefore, the district makes voluntary student accident insurance policies available for the consideration of all parents/guardians. The plans may also be used as proof of insurance for student participation in district sports. The plans are voluntary. Premiums, deductibles and all other related expenses are paid for by the parents/guardians.

Online Enrollment

Voluntary Enrollment Form English | Spanish
Claim Form English | Spanish

Claims Made for Unemployment Benefits

The district will vigorously defend against unemployment benefits requested by ineligible claimants.

Principals, department heads and first hand witnesses may be asked to participate in the protest of benefits for claimants who are considered to be ineligible recipients.

Liability Insurance

Automobile liability covers sums that the district is legally obligated to pay arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of district vehicles.

Personal Vehicles for District Business

Employees who use personal vehicles to perform a district related activity that are involved in an at fault accident, may have coverage through the district’s liability insurance policy on an excess basis should the limits on the employee’s personal auto policy be exhausted.

There is no coverage for Physical Damage to personal vehicles under the district’s liability insurance.

Employees must review their personal insurance policies with their insurance agents to assure that adequate coverage is purchased.

Employees must notify their supervisor, risk management and their personal auto insurer of such accidents.

Vehicular Accident Report

Accidents/occurrences are to be reported on the Aldine ISD Vehicle Accident Report. Complete and submit the report to the department leader if:

  1. Use or operation of a motor vehicle results in bodily injury and/or property damage.
  2. Damage to a district vehicle is caused by fire or lightning; theft or larceny; windstorm, hail, earthquake, or explosion; malicious mischief or vandalism; flood or rising waters; breakage of glass; fire; theft; hail, collision with an animal or collision of a covered auto with another object.
  3. Any occurrence which leaves a “mark” on a district vehicle.

Insurance and Accident Information Envelopes

Envelopes that are labeled “Insurance and Accident Information” should be placed in each district vehicle’s glove compartment. The envelopes are to contain:

  1. Procedures for Vehicular Accidents
  2. Aldine Vehicle Accident Report
  3. District’s fleet liability insurance card
  4. Pencil

Bodily Injury to Employee

Employee’s injuries are covered under the district’s workers’ compensation policy.

Aldine ISD is focused on preventing accidents, ensuring safety and carrying out our mission. This section contains contact information, documents and forms that will assist administrators, nurses and injured employees with the workers’ compensation process.

Should you have questions please contact:
[email protected]
Phone: 281.985.7171
Fax: 281.985.7330

Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provider
Phone: 1.800.482.7276
Fax: 1.800.580.6720

Documents and Additional Information

Injured Employee Packet
Find a Doctor
Rx Card Information
Early Return to Work Information
Alliance Information
Supervisor’s Packet


Gloria S. Gonzales
Risk Management Specialist
[email protected]

Lilly Esparza
Risk Management Specialist
[email protected]

Nora Pina
Risk Management Specialist
[email protected]
Tel: 281.985.7171

Patricia Guidry
Director of Risk Management
[email protected]
Tel: 281.985.6212

Mailing Address

Aldine ISD
M.B. “Sonny” Donaldson Administration Building

Attn: Risk Management Department
2520 W.W. Thorne Drive
Houston, TX 77073

Fax: 281.985.7330
[email protected]

Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Provider
P.O. Box 2010
Austin, Texas 78767

Phone 1.800.482.7276
Fax: 1.800.580.6720

Division of Workers’ Compensation of TDI

507 North Sam Houston Parkway East, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77060

Phone: 281.260.3035

Find a Doctor