English Language Arts

Department Philosophy Aldine ISD espouses a balanced literacy approach to teaching language arts at all grade levels. We believe that students need a strong literacy foundation that provides myriad language experiences, including daily opportunities for independent reading and writing. We believe that students should receive small-group and individual instruction at their instructional reading and writing level in addition to whole-group instruction at their grade level. We believe that Aldine ISD language arts teachers should provide daily literacy models so that our students will know and understand the importance of literacy in their daily lives both in school and out. And, we believe that the instructional activities we provide should enable our students to see a direct link between their literate lives at school and their literate lives at home.

Lisa Edwards
Program Director, Elementary Language Arts

Cindy Benge
Program Director, Secondary Language Arts

Michelle Becwar
Program Director of Intermediate and Middle School English Language Arts

Chamelia Robinson
Program Director of Primary English Language Arts