Questions, Answers and Updates

E-rate Y18_Questions, Answers, and Updates

All inquiries must be submitted in writing to no later than close of business on January 08, 2015. Questions received by this deadline, and corresponding answers, will be posted on this web-portal for all vendors. Updates to RFPs will be be posted on this web-portal as well. Transmission and confirmation of receipt of questions is the responsibility of the Proposer(s). Requests for verbal or telephone clarification will be declined and will be non-binding.

Please note our offices will be closed for the winter break December 22 thru January 02, 2015. We will be accepting questions thru January 08, 2015. However, if you want a response to a question before we leave on the winter break, please submit the question(s) by December 18, 2014.

Questions and Answers for C1 E-Rate Y18

Questions and Answers as of 01/09/2015