Roy and Shirley Malonson honored by AISD at Board meeting

Roy and Shirley Malonson honored by AISD at Board meeting
Posted on 04/18/2019

Malonsons Honored

Roy Douglass and Shirley Ann Malonson have been fixtures in the Acres Homes community for decades and have spent their lifetimes promoting the historic community. Thirty years ago, they founded the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development. They also own and operate the African-American News and Issues, Shirley Ann’s Kollectables and run S&R Ranch.

Their support and service extend to Aldine ISD schools in Acres Home, where they have not only shared their life stories but also generously give monetary gifts to schools and causes.

Roy devotes time to reach out to students who may be dealing with issues in school. At a recent visit to Hoffman Middle School, the students he addressed were so enthralled with his talk that they followed him around the school.

According to Hoffman Principal Jeanna Morrison-Adams, his words of wisdom were much needed.

“When Mr. Malonson visited Hoffman, he challenged 207 students and 34 staff members to remain resilient despite setbacks in a message of determination and tenacity,” Morrison-Adams said. “He challenged the students and staff to be hopeful when faced with obstacles. He delivered a powerful message. Those who attended his talk remained engrossed as Mr. Malonson shared his story of perseverance, success and triumph.”

Their dedicated service was recognized during the April 16 board meeting. They were presented with a piece of artwork produced by a Carver High School student that represented the First Amendment and freedom of the press, two entities that are important to the Malonson’s. Reece Academy Principal Sharla Rogers also presented the duo with cards of appreciation on behalf of Reece students and staff.

“You wouldn’t be here if the community didn’t support you,” Roy said. “We don’t do things for recognition, we do things that will help the future. But it was a great honor to have all of the principals (from Acres Homes schools) come out.”

The Malonson’s also appreciated the artwork they received.

“We will love and cherish the artwork we received from the student,” he said.

The artwork was created by Carver High School student Rolando Vera and took top honors in the Houston Bar Association’s annual Law Week Essay, Photography and Poster Contest.

In February, the Acres Home Chamber honored the Malonson’s for the selfless service they have made to the Acres Homes community. U.S. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Aldine ISD Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney were some of the more than 200 who attended the event to say thank you to the couple.

“We are grateful to the Malonson’s for their decades of generosity and support of the Acres Homes community,” Dr. Goffney said. “When he sees a need in the district and community, he responds.”