AISD Announces 2019-2020 PreK Pre-Registration

AISD Announces 2019-2020 PreK Pre-Registration
Posted on 04/02/2019

Families will have an opportunity to visit prekindergarten programs and enroll eligible children during the Common Enrollment set for April 29-May 3.

Teacher with students

Our Aldine ISD Preschool Team would like to extend a warm welcome to all incoming preschool families. Preschool is such a special time in your child’s life and we are thankful for the opportunity to help your child discover, learn, and grow.

Did you know ...

Parents might think that early education is not important. The experts argue it is vital. They say waiting too long to enroll in school could mean kids are starting their education with a disadvantage.

Invest Early in Your Child’s Education

According to Dr. Stephen Klineberg, professor of sociology at Rice University and a demographics expert, states that early education matters enormously. It matters for the kind of future individuals will have and the kind of future we as a community will have.

“Today the source of wealth is knowledge,” said Klineberg. “And one of those critical parts of making that transition successfully is making those investments in early childhood for kids who otherwise would fall through the cracks and not be ready when kindergarten comes to acquire the skills that are so critical to have any level of success in the new economy of the 21st century.”

One of the truths in education is third-grade reading. If a student is not reading at the third grade level in third grade he or she is four times more likely to drop out of high school. The single most powerful predictor whether a student can read at a third-grade level is if he or she started kindergarten ready to learn to read.

Aldine ISD Offers Award-Winning Early Education/Prekindergarten Program

classroom sceneThe District offers free prekindergarten to eligible 4-year-olds at 12 campuses across the District. While a key focus is on oral language development skills, educators also focus on social skills and overall health.

Your children will benefit from preschool programs that will give them a leg up on math, literacy and their future. (Read more about AISD's award-winning program.)

Aldine ISD PreK Common Enrollment Period, April 29-May 3

The District invites families with children of all abilities to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the schools, learn about their prekindergarten program and eligibility requirements during the PreK Common Enrollment Period. Contact early childhood schools to learn more about times to visit the campuses.


  • Your child must be 4 years old by Sept. 1, 2019, and;
  • You must live in the Aldine ISD school zone and;
  • You must fulfill one of the following requirements:
    • Family income meets state requirements or;
    • English language learner (ELL) or;
    • Active military duty or;— Homeless or foster care.

“Early education is essential for the growth of our young students,” said Superintendent of Schools LaTonya M. Goffney. “It’s important that we expose them to learning as early as we can. We have to make parents aware that the schools are there for them.

“I encourage you to take part in the PreK Common Enrollment Period. Help us give our kids a strong start to their education and their future.”

For more information, visit (Para más información, visite las páginas en español.)

What happens early on in life really does matter.