Two-Way Dual-Language Immersion Program

Two-Way Dual-Language Immersion starts in fall 2019 in kindergarten classrooms at the following campuses:

  • de Santiago EC/PK/K School
  • García-Leza EC/PK/K School
  • Hinojosa EC/PK/K School
  • Magrill EC/PK/K School
  • Vines EC/PK/K School

The program will expand by one grade level each subsequent year.

No matter one’s first language, learning a second language is becoming crucial as we become global citizens. AlSD’s Two-Way Dual-Language Immersion program is offering new opportunities for families to become part of this proven method that helps students become proficient in two languages.

Why choose the program?

  • Native English speakers and native Spanish speakers receive general academic instruction in two languages.
  • Studies show DLI students outperform non-immersion peers in two important ways:
    • English learners reached English proficiency at higher rates
    • DLI students (native and non-native speakers) perform as well as or better than their peers in core content areas such as English, mathematics, and science

What are the goals of the program?

  • Fluency and literacy in English and Spanish
  • Immersion in different linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • Increase knowledge and appreciation of cultures

What are the features of the program?

  • Unique and exciting opportunities for students to prepare for a global future
  • Rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for college and career
  • Students support and learn from each other